Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fast-evolving solution for automating business processes. The technology is based on software that replicates the administrative processes traditionally performed by humans. These robots become digital employees and use, Artificial Intelligence (AI) among other things, and form recognition to perform their tasks.

In traditional automation of a process between two systems or within a system, it is necessary to develop “under the hood” of each system. One needs to have access to, and skills to work inside, each system. The programming is performed using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or dedicated scripting language.

With RPA, you do not need to program in the existing systems. RPA technology make use of the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) that a real person uses when a process is automated. The RPA robot mimics the process that humans perform. This makes it much easier to automate a process and to clarify what happens with the automated process.

RPA tool - UiPath

We are parnter to UiPath whos is one of the most eminent RPA supplier in the market. Gartner has ranked UiPath as an absolut leader 2019.

See the video with a description of how invoices can be handled using UiPath, which is an RPA tool that Contingit collaborates with.