Contingit -

Robotic Process Automation enabler!

Contingit's goal is to enable the automation of your processes. Many people read about robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) but may not know how it works in practice. We help you to get started with digitizing your processes, using Robot Process Automation.

The "Conti" robot can efficiently perform all possible administrative tasks for you.

We make it happen!

We make it happen and help you get automatization become a profitable part of your organization.

We have extensive experience of running projects within business systems and large global integration projects. Also, from line work in financial management, logistics and service.

With the help of Robot Process Automation technology, we see enormous opportunities for companies and organizations to work more efficiently without having to develop within their existing systems.

RPA provides a unique opportunity to bridge a company's need to adapt processes and make existing technologies to interact with few resources.

Automate manual work.

Improve the data quality and service.

Fast return on investment with program robots.

Shorten your processing times. So that the time can be used on value creating activities instead.

Business areas

We combine three business areas:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Process optimization & financial control
  • Program development

We make sure to get a deep understanding of the customer's problem and to pinpoint their special needs. Contingit will find solutions that are time-efficient and customized for the client.

A first step may be to look for improvements in the current processes.

The second step is to automate the process with the help of a robot.

There is also the possibility to combine the above with the development of customized software.